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Warning: I'M MAZUME TRASH PLEASE DON'T FOLLOW UNLESS PREPARED. Icon colored by the amazing kaorien!

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Sootopolis City-
This drawing makes me realize that i don’t now how to trace straight lines :’D that’s also why my perspectives are bad i guess….
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nice to get confirmation that makishima does dye his hair
Yowamushi Pedal

From pedal sign today, sensei said that Maki-chan’s original hair color is brown!! That’s cute! ( ˘ ³˘)❤
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Tokyo Ghoul
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kao if you got any suggestion please tell
anything that'd be good practice


kaorien ha respondido a tu publicación:i finally finished coloring my mamura (sweater…
your favorite panels~

that’s the issue, idk which are those ww  it doesn’t even have to be hirunaka, but i don’t know what else to color

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Sticking tape on a frosted glass makes it see through. Air and glass have a very different refractive index, so if you have a rough glass surface, the incoming light is scattered in all directions, thus blurring the image you see through it.
Tape has a similar refractive index as glass, so if you stick it to frosted glass, the sticky material will fill out the little bumps in the glass. The non-sticky side is practically flat, so by sticking tape to the frosted side of glass that’s frosted on one side, you are essentially making it flat again, and making the glass clear. 
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sharing a computer with a nutrition science major like


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otherwise i'll just do more mamura idk

i finally finished coloring my mamura (sweater included) but now i want to do a photoset :’D if anyone’s got a suggestion please tell me? i’m trying to get coloring practice

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